The Kickstarter Campain just launched for “Bodies and Beats”, a music/video mashup IOS App for iPad & iPhone.  Rad Kickbacks.  Support and spread the word!

The App:
Bodies and Beats turns you into a digital mashup artist. Create your own video collages set to beats, and then change the elements with a touch of your finger to discover something new. This iOS app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is inspired by our original interactive video installation, Exquisite Motion Corpse.

How it Works:
Build your body! Pick from a video catalog of body segments – from the surreal to the hilarious – all accompanied by unique beats and sound effects from musicians like Mux Mool, Mogi Grumbles, and Broken Bells. Mix and remix the elements to create something crazy, something funny, something weird.

You control the video speed, with half-time and double-time controls. Or randomize the video clips to discover new combinations.

Created by Martin Thoburn and dirty bros. founder Chris Sandon as original four-channel video installation featuring a life-sized tower of screens controlled with a podium-mounted touchscreen. Users swap body segments synced to a beat clock.

Check out the installation and follow our creative process at

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On our travels in Berlin, we stumbled upon a building with strange objects in the window and decided to explore.  As we entered, there was two small rooms filled with random retro artifacts for sale.  To the right, a full size red power ranger blocked the doorway.  A sign read something like “$5 to enter the museum”.  A nice man echoed this and explained that some of his students had arranged his antique collection in “artistic ways”.  We gladly paid the admission.  As we walked around in curious amazement, our tour guide asked us questions as to what the original use of the strange contraptions we were seeing were.  This bizarre spot was a truly wonderful surprise.

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More folks dodging Space Grenades™, lasers, and so on.

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Dresden, Germany

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Spontaneous Art Robots @ Fool Moon in Ann Arbor, MI.

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We had a wonderful time performing with Spontaneous Art at the Smithsonian this past weekend.  We will be making our hometown debut at FoolMoon/FestiFools March 30th/April 1st.  Here is a video of the ROBOT GAMES made by our Chicago friends at Milk Products.  enjoy!


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Spontaneous Art
2/2/12 Chicago, IL
Museum of Contemporary Art
photo by Todd Tue of Milk Products

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MCA First Friday

Our cousins Spontaneous Art will be performing their new interaction “ROBOT GAMES” March 2nd at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

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Another release in our series of comedy shorts. feat. Charlies Slick and Chris Sandon

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Trevor Stone’s Primates make their acting debut in this post-apocalyptic take on the opening of Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. Directed by Martin Thoburn. Production assistance by Adam E. Hunt, Joey Sims, Steve Dannemiller, and Micah Vanderhoof. feat. Chris Sandon, Trevor Stone, and Dan Blades. Shot in part on location at Natural Aggregates Corp. in Milford MI.

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